Editing of the texts of the book Historical Almanac
Literary editing and proofreading of the texts of the book Historical Almanac

Proofreading and editing of texts

Editing of texts:

If you need a text that is perfect from all sides: competent, coherent, logical, structured, beautiful, finally, order editing.

We perform literary editing of manuscripts consisting of a literary text and a scientific apparatus (article + notes to the literary text). As a rule, everything is published for the first time, so the editor monitors the stylistic purity of all the materials presented, the completeness of the scientific apparatus, in particular the depth of the commentary, in accordance with the rules for the design of the scientific apparatus. Support of the manuscript up to the signing of the original layout of the book for printing, which implies joint work with the author’s team, the proofreader and the layout designer (the editor marks the manuscript for him), the selection of illustrations (together with the book’s preparers).

Proofreading of texts:

Proofreading is a stage of the production process of publishing printed materials, at which various errors and shortcomings made during editing and typing are eliminated. Proofreading is an important publishing process designed to eliminate errors, typos, typos and other shortcomings that reduce the perception of the text in the finished, published edition.

To make corrections, special characters are used — proof signs (Proofreading marks for marking up originals and correcting proofreading and trial prints. General requirements).








The main tasks of the proofreader:

1 elimination of typesetter’s errors that distort the original (omissions, permutations of letters, syllables, punctuation marks, etc.)
2 elimination of errors that were not noticed in the original.


The work on the proofreading of the same work is carried out in several stages in order to identify and, if possible, eliminate errors before printing the product. Proofreading by the nature and methods of its execution is divided into editing-proofreading, during which technical errors are corrected by careful reading; editing-reconciliation to check corrections in the sheets that have been made; editing made in the printing house in order to reduce all types of edits and control the correctness of lines, strips, printed sheets as a whole. When making proofreading edits of all types, proofreading signs (marking marks of the originals) are used. There are various types of proofreading signs — replacement signs (letters, words, lines), insertion signs, discard signs, permutation signs, permutation signs of set elements, signs of increase, decrease, introduction, alignment and destruction of spaces, signs of font selections and changes, signs of cancellation of corrections made.


If you want your book to look like a professionally executed work of high quality, then the services of a proofreader are what you need. Our proofreaders are high professionals in their field and perform their work efficiently and always on time.


The cost of proofreading and editing the text is indicated on the page http://publishersciencepress.com/prices/prices-for-editing-and-proofreading-the-text/

The order of operation is specified on the page http://publishersciencepress.com/operating-procedure/


Deadlines for completion:

The proofreading rate is up to 80,000 characters with spaces per day. The editing rate is up to 30,000 characters with spaces per day. When evaluating the deadlines yourself, take into account the possible queue of orders.

The deadline for the initial proofreading of the text is specified for editing. After the first editing, the text is sent to the author for approval of edits and removal of questions, then it is returned to the bureau for the preparation of a clean final version. It is impossible to foresee the timing of these stages, because they depend on the speed and accuracy of the authors ‘ answers.
How to determine the volume of the text?


The volume is calculated in characters with spaces. To find out how many characters are in your text, you can do this:

  • Word 2003-Service > Statistics > Characters (with spaces);
  • Word 2007, 2010 and 2013-Review > Statistics > Characters (with spaces).


Find out how much it costs to publish your book by writing to us by email sales@publishersciencepress.com or by calling +905074836283

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