About our company

«SCIENCE PRESS» LTD is a full-cycle publishing house that performs a full range of services: pre-printed, printed, post-printed. Thus, the entire production cycle takes place in one place, thereby ensuring an optimal price/quality/time ratio.

The Science Press house is open 7 days a week. Only high-quality raw materials and consumables are used in technological processes. A huge selection of European paper, from standard coated to designer, allows you to satisfy the most refined tastes of customers.

Our printing house works for various market segments
•  Advertising printing-leaflets, booklets, catalogs, posters
•  Periodicals – full-color and black-and-white magazines
•  Souvenir and office products – posters, flip calendars and house, folders

The core staff of Science Press consists of employees who have more than 5 years’ experience. The company’s employees are now a well-coordinated team, ready to make every effort to ensure that the work is completed on time and that its quality is maximised. The company’s managers have repeatedly been awarded the title of «Best Print Manager» in print shop forums.


Our team

OGUZKHAN ŞAHİNER Our attentive and responsible printing experts have been helping you get perfect print runs for over 5 years. Their head is full of... Read more...
ÖZGE GONUL ÖZGE GONUL - Chief Accountant In the work of an accountant appreciates order and orderliness, and the formation of a balance sheet... Read more...



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