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Design and layout costs for books and other publications

Typing of texts:

Difficulty First category.

Simple design. No more than two or three bullets. Column heading.
Вертка - первая категория

Format A5 — from 0.25 euro /page

Format A4 — from 0.35 euro /page


Difficulty Second category.

This could include:
— Poems.
— Material containing no more than three items per page, including tables, images, formulas.
Also include text with footnotes, more than three to five text boxes. Header and footer formatting.

Вертка - вторая категория
Вертка - вторая категория 2

Format A5 — from 0.57 euro /page

Format A4 — from 0,85 euro /page


Difficulty Category Three.

More than two illustrations. formulas, inserts, complex streamlining, illustrations, building infographics, etc.

Вертка - третья категория

Format A5 — from 1,25 euro /page

Format A4 — from 2,1 euro /page


Design services

f_95355 1. Book cover design — from 27 euros
f_95355 2. Bookstrip design — from 5 euros
f_95355 3. Advertising strip design — from 10 euros
f_95355 4. Magazine strip design — from 25 euros

These prices are not final.

Each order is calculated individually and depends on many factors, including whether or not the book will be printed hardcover.

Important: Please refer to the procedure in advance when ordering a book edition.

Find out how much it costs to publish your book by emailing us at sales@publishersciencepress.com or calling us at +905074836283



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