Terms of use of the Site

These Terms of Use of the Site (hereinafter referred to as «Terms», «these Terms») is an agreement on the use by the end user (hereinafter referred to as «User») of the website located at http://publishersciencepress.com, managed and administered by PUBLISHER »SCIENCE PRESS» LTD (hereinafter referred to as «Site Administration»/ «Contractor») and, managed by the Site Administration (hereinafter referred to as «Site»). The User is an individual defined in accordance with these Terms, registered on the Site and received a unique user name (login) and password (hereinafter the «Account Information») to enter the secure pages of the Site (hereinafter the «Registration»), individually or jointly (subject to their use of different Account Information and the legal grounds specified in these Terms) with other individuals combined in the same Registration. The user may be: — a natural person-Customer carrying out entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity; — A natural person-Customer providing any services in the field of publishing. A person who has entered into the relevant Service Agreement with the Site Administration is the Customer of the Services (hereinafter referred to as the «Customer»). 

These Terms set out the rights and obligations both between the Website Administration and the User, and between the Website Administration and the Customer. The User’s obligations established by these Terms are also the Customer’s obligations to the Website Administration arising in connection with the User’s actions and the Customer’s own actions on the use of the Website. The Customer is responsible for the User’s actions as for its own actions. In this case the User does not acquire any independent or separate rights in relation to the Website Administration. All rights granted by the Website Administration under these Terms arise only for the Customer. Duties of the Customer set out in these Terms are also the obligations of the User. Use of this website constitutes the User’s and Customer’s agreement to these Terms and Conditions. The purpose of the Site is to post and search for information about publishing activities.  Use of the Site for any other purpose is not permitted. 

1. Obligations of the Customer

1.1. By using the Website, the Customer undertakes not to do the following:
1.1.1 Place, distribute, store, download and/or destroy materials (information) in any way via the Site in violation of the laws of Turkey and international laws;
1.1.2. place and/or transmit information via the Website in the form of text, images, video, sound or code that may be illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, knowingly false, rude, obscene, and that may harm other visitors of the Website and violate their rights;
1.1.3. knowingly place false information about yourself and your company;
1.1.4. place the ads that advertise any franchising or pyramid schemes, offering to join the club, become a distributor, sales representative, manager, or any other employee of the company whose business model is based on preliminary and/or periodic transfer of cash assets from lower to higher level employees, and requires a percentage of sales and/or requires involvement or hiring of other agents, distributors, managers, club members, etc;
1.1.5 Post and/or transmit content (including but not limited to: information, materials, files, etc.) using the Site where the User does not have the necessary rights to do so. This rule applies to any content containing any works, trademarks and service marks, trade names, patent and confidential information, information constituting someone’s trade secret, other protected results of intellectual activity and the like;
1.1.6. to destroy and/or change any materials on the Site, the right holder of which is not the Customer;
1.1.7. Place job offers, advertisements, as well as any contact information in the description of the Customer’s company on the Site;
1.1.8. When sending letters, send information containing: advertisements, explicitly suggesting to use other Internet sites of publishing services;
1.1.9. Placing advertisements on the Website which induce other users of the Website to purchase the Customer’s products or services, or any other persons;
1.1.10. To send invitations for purposes of committing crimes (engaging in committing a crime), at that, such invitation to applicants may contain direct indication of such purpose, as well as, in the Provider’s opinion, contain features of crime/involvement in a crime;
1.2 The Customer, by providing information/materials for placement on the Website to the Website Administration, or by placing information/materials on the Website independently, if technically possible, guarantees its compliance with Turkey legislation requirements, including the law «On Advertising». In case of bringing of responsibility to the Website Administration for violation of the effective legislation (including the law «About advertising») due to placement of information/materials by the Client on the Website or placement of information/materials provided by the Client on the Website by the Administration, the Client is obliged to compensate all his expenses, including, but not limited to: fines, court expenses and other, within 10 calendar days from the moment of submission of the corresponding demand by the Administration.
1.3 Violation of obligations by the Customer stipulated by these Conditions of Website Use prevents execution of the Agreement on rendering services by the Contractor that can result in the suspension of obligations under such Agreement by the Contractor, and also in the refusal of the Contractor to execute such Agreement according to the provisions of the current legislation.

2. Obligations of the Site Administration

2.1 If there are any doubts regarding the legitimacy of the use of the Website by the Users (or the Customer himself) or if any violations of the Terms by the Users (or the threat of such violations) are revealed, the Website Administration has the right to delete, block or forcibly change the Account information of such Users at any time and without prior notice to the Customer at its own discretion.
2.2 If there is any information about the use of the User’s Account information by other users of the Website or any third parties, the Website Administration shall be entitled to delete, block or involuntarily change such User’s Account information, as well as the account information of other Website users (third parties), on whose PCs and other hardware the use of blocked Account information has occurred, at its discretion, at any time and without any prior notice to the Customer, other Website users and third parties.
2.3 The Website Administration has the right at any time and without any prior notice or any compensation, to technically block the use of the same Account information by any person, including all Users of the Customer’s Registration, if at the time of using such Account information another person on the Website starts using it.
2.4 In case of termination (cessation) of the Agreement with the Customer, termination of services rendered on the basis of the concluded Agreement or in case of absence of any concluded Agreement with the Customer, the Website Administration has the right to remove the Registration (including pages with description of the company of the Customer) and all Account information of its Users on the Website at any time without warning and coordination with the Customer, and without any compensation and explanation of the reasons.
2.5. Website Administration is not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of its obligations, as well as possible damage resulting from (a) unauthorized actions of Internet users, aimed at violation of information security or normal functioning of the Website; (b) failures in the Website operation, including those caused by errors in code, computer viruses and other foreign code fragments in the Website software; (c) absence (impossibility to establish, termination etc.) of Internet connection between User’s server (its employees) and the Website server; (d) events held by state and municipal bodies and other organizations.
2.6 The User hereby expresses his/her consent to receive (at any time and without any prior notice by the Website Administration) at the e-mail address and/or phone number, indicated by the User upon registration on the Website, or indicated by him/her upon the subsequent use of the Website, as well as by sending push notifications (when using the mobile version of the Website and/or mobile application) of the messages and/or calls about the events at the Website Administration and the Website Administration Services, and also to receive information from the User. User is also notified that the calls made by the representatives of the Website Administration to the number, stated by the User as the contact number in his/her Registration, are being recorded and such record can be given to the third parties (contractors of the Website Administration) in order to evaluate the quality of the call. The Website Administration considers the number specified in the User Registration as their contact number used to contact a particular User and the call will be recorded with the particular User. Recording a call to the number specified by the User with a person who is not a User will be considered random.
2.7. The Website Administration has the right to suspend operation of the Website for maintenance work at any time, including without any prior notice to the Customer, if possible, at night or on weekends.
2.8. The Website Administration has the right to process data on payers and payments made on the Website for the purpose of control and analysis of compliance of the Users with the Terms, including for the purpose of handling complaints from the Website Users in the way required for the said purposes.
2.9. The Website Administration shall be entitled to process Customer data, collect statistics on Customers’ activities on the Website, assign the status/rating of employers according to relevant criteria on the basis of conducted research and display the results of conducted research on the Website.
2.10. The Website Administration has the right to demand from the Customer to make the first payment for the following services from the account, which the Customer stated upon registration on the Website.
2.11. The Website Administration reserves the right to change and/or block the Account information of the Users who violate any of the provisions of clauses.

3. Customer registration on the Site

3.1 Registration on the Customer’s Web-site consists of provision of information and/or documents (the list of which is determined by the Web-site Administration) through the Web-site to the Administration, as a result of which the Customer receives the Account information for work with the Web-site (for the purposes of receiving any services and services of the Web-site according to concluded agreements with the Web-site Administration for such services and Web-site services) and assignment of the status of the Customer’s registration of the registration type «Unconfirmed registration» until its confirmation by the Web-site Administration. The Site Administration shall check the information and documents provided by the Customer during registration on the Site. If in the result of such check it will be found out that the information and/or documents provided by the Customer are not true, dangerous to the website, the Website Administration has the right to refuse the registration on the website to the Customer or delete or block the Customer’s registration on the website, having made the termination of the Agreement with the Customer, if such Agreement is effective at that time. If according to the results of such check it will be established that the information declared upon registration corresponds to the documents provided by the Customer to the Website Administration, the Website Administration confirms the Customer’s Registration.
3.2. The Website Administration reserves the right to block the Customer’s existing Registration and not to provide services on the Website, as well as to terminate the agreement with the Customer at any time at its own discretion without prior notice, and also not to register persons on the Website, if such Customer and/or person act on behalf and/or in the interests of the following companies (organizations), entrepreneurs and other persons:
3.2.1. that promote their product(s) and/or service(s) by the method of network marketing, which may consist in promotion of product(s) and/or service(s) from producer/executor to end user/customer, whereby the producer/executor distributes its product(s) and/or service(s) through a network of independent agents (including entrepreneurs), and these agents, in their turn, engage other persons for distribution of the producer/executor’s product(s) and/or services
3.2.2. if the company’s (organisation’s, entrepreneur’s, other persons’) activities are directly or indirectly related to the organisation or activities of religious sects, occult organisations, extremist or terrorist groups or organisations, organisation of gambling and entertainment, alternative medicine (healing) activities, production and/or distribution of pornographic materials or provision of erotic and/or sexual services and in other cases, at the discretion of the Website Administration, if the activities
3.2.3. if the type(s) of activity of the company (organisation, entrepreneur, other persons) is (are) forbidden by Turkey law;
3.2.4. in case the activity of the entity of the person and/or the Customer, or the entity of the person and/or the Customer itself is prohibited in Turkey.
3.3 The Website Administration reserves the right in case of detecting a Customer on the Website carrying out the activities, specified in clauses 3.2.1.-3.2.3. of these conditions, to suspend execution of its obligations under this Agreement with blocking the possibility of using the Website for such Customer by deleting all Account information and Registration (including pages with description of the Customer’s company) with issuing a document confirming the services on the date of suspension of obligations under the Agreement and to refuse execution of the Agreement in one month.
3.4 When registering on the Website persons acting on behalf and/or in the interests of a legal entity or individual who performs entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity, the principle «one registration — one legal entity», according to which each particular Registration can be used by representatives of only one legal entity/individual for which such Registration has been created. The same Registration may not be used by several legal entities, including those affiliated to each other and/or within a group of companies.
3.5 The Website Administration has the right to merge several Registrations related to the same Customer on the basis of one of these existing Registrations, based on the Customer’s application.
3.6. A merger of several Registrations is possible only if they have been created for the legal entity itself (an individual engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity) or its branches, representative offices, other types of separate subdivisions.
3.7. Registrations may not be combined: — if such Registrations are created for different legal entities (natural persons carrying out entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity); — if such Registrations are established for legal entities which are affiliated with each other; — if the legal entity of one Registration is a subsidiary or dependent in relation to another legal entity of the other Registration; — if legal entities of different Registrations are part of the same holding, group of companies or the like.
3.8 If the Website Administration discovers the fact that one and the same Registration is used by several different legal entities (individuals performing entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity), the Website Administration is entitled at any time without any prior notice to the Customer to make a division of such Registration into separate Registrations for each of the legal entities/individuals found in the initial Registration.
3.9. The Website Administration has the right to delete the Registration (including pages with a description of the Customer’s company) and all Account information of the Users of this Registration on the Website at any time without warning and coordination with the Customer in case of termination or cancellation of the Agreement for the provision of services on the Website.

4. Information security of the website

4.1 By using the Site, the Customer undertakes not to violate (not attempt to violate) the information security of the Site, which includes a prohibition on committing the actions specified in Clause 4.2 of these Terms.
4.2 The Customer is prohibited from performing the following actions while using the Website:
4.2.1. accessing data on the Site not intended for the given Customer;
4.2.2. using the Account information not belonging to the given Customer in order to operate the Site;
4.2.3. attempts to check the vulnerability of the Site security system, violation of registration and authorisation procedure without permission of the Site;
4.2.4. attempts to disturb other Users in their use of the Site, which includes in particular spreading computer viruses, corrupting data, regular sending of repeated information, forwarding of e-mails through the Site’s server, simultaneous sending of several e-mails with an intention to disturb the Site’s server and similar activities, which go beyond normal use of the Site and can cause malfunction;
4.2.5. sending of «spam», emails, containing advertising or other materials to users, applicants and visitors of the Site, for which the Site users have not given their consent;
4.2.6. imitation and/or forging of any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header in any e-mail or material posted on the Site;
4.2.7. using or attempting to use any software for operating or searching the Site, other than the search engine built into the Site, the Site itself, browser plug-ins or software applications if their functionality and operating procedures comply with Section 7 of these Terms, or traditional and publicly available browsers (MicrosoftExplorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera and similar, excluding TOR browser);
4.2.8. the use of software that simulates the user’s use of the Website;
4.2.9. using anonymous proxy servers;
4.2.10. using IP-addresses not belonging to the Customer;
4.2.11. using the Site via Remote Desktop (RemoteDesktopControl);
4.2.12. using parsing functions / parsing software;
4.2.13. using the Site through the TOR browser;
4.2.14. using of plug-ins on the Site, except the ones, which do not perform parsing, copying from the Site.
4.4 Violation of information security of the Website by the Customer, Users or other persons, including the provisions of paragraph 4.3 of these Terms and other provisions of these Terms shall be determined by the departments of the Website Administration on the basis of technical and software means of control over the use of the Website, as well as statistical, logging and other software and equipment of the Website and the Website Administration, and other information and data, including that received from other persons.
4.5. The Website Administration has the right to monitor the use of the Website by the User and the Customer for the purpose of control over compliance with the Terms and conditions of agreements concluded with the Customer.
4.6 The Chief Contact Person (CCP) of the Customer shall have the right to send to the Website Administration a written request for information about Users’ activities in the Customer’s registration. The request shall be made on the Customer’s letterhead (if any), contain the signature of the CEO or other authorised person and the seal of the Customer.

5. Accounting information

5.1 Access to the information in the Customer’s Registration on the Website shall be allowed only to the relevant registered Users of the Customer who have obtained the Login Information for the relevant Registration in the manner and according to the requirements of these Terms and Conditions. Account Information cannot be transferred to other parties and the User and the Customer shall be solely liable for all damages incurred by them, the Site or other parties arising from the User or the Customer intentionally or unintentionally transferring the Account Information to another person. The User and the Customer shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account Information and any use of the Website through its Account Information (Registration).
5.2 When creating their Account information the User is obliged to indicate their real name, position and e-mail address (by its prefix it has to be clear to the Website Administration that the User has the right to use the indicated e-mail address), otherwise the Website Administration has the right to refuse to create their Account information or to block or delete it at any time.
5.3 The User is forbidden to register using another person’s e-mail address or address, which the Customer has no right to use in such a way.
5.4 The Customer is forbidden to use the Account information of other Users of the Website or provide his Account information to anyone.
5.5 Provision of access to the Customer’s Registration on the Website is also regulated by the Offer Agreement, published on the Website, or other Agreements signed when providing services and services on the Website.
5.6 The Customer shall be obliged to change his passwords (passwords for use of the Website by his employees) upon the request of the Website Administration, otherwise the Website Administration has the right to change passwords of the Customer’s Users on a compulsory basis.
5.7 The Customer shall notify properly the Website Administration 3 (three) calendar days prior to the date of termination of rights of its employee (User) to use the Website (Site services) and delete all Account information of such employee (User). The Client shall not be entitled to refer to the absence of its responsibility (as well as guilt) for the actions of its employees due to the termination of their powers (termination of any legal relationship between the Company and the employee).
5.8 If the Website Administration finds out that the individuals, who have obtained the Account information for use of the Website on behalf of the legal entity (individual engaged in entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity) have terminated their employment relations with the relevant legal entity / individual, the Website Administration has the right to remove the Account information of such persons without any prior approval of the relevant legal entity / individual.

6. User information and personal data

6.1 The User’s personal data as well as other data which the User is asked to specify / provide in the appropriate fields (both mandatory and non-mandatory) on the Site when registering or later on, including when updating the information about the User on the Site.
6.2 In cases where the User’s information on the Website is provided by a person other than the User, the person in question shall have sufficient legal grounds and/or User’s authorisation to provide such information to the Website Administration, as well as the User’s consent to the processing of their personal data as provided by the Terms. The said person shall be solely responsible to the User for the unlawful use of information about the User.
6.3 In case personal data is placed on the Site by the User in any way, both existing on the Site and other subjects of personal data to be used directly by the User, or if the User instructs the Contractor to place such personal data and passes it to the Contractor for placement, the User must have sufficient legal grounds and / or instruction from the relevant subjects of personal data to place such data on the Site resources, as well as the consent of the subjects of such personal data, as well as the User’s consent to its use. 
6.4 The Customer undertakes to use the personal data obtained through the Site strictly in accordance with the Law «On Personal Data» ,  not to transfer personal data on individuals to third parties;
6.4.1. not to disclose information that the personal data of any individual is on the Website and that it has been received by the Customer via the Website;
6.4.2. to fulfil all requirements of the Law «On Personal Data» , including assuming all obligations of the operator for processing of personal data in terms of the said law;
6.4.3. not to offer individuals, whose personal data has been posted on the Site, to post their personal data on the Site or in the Client’s or other third parties’ databases 6.4.3. not to copy personal data to which the Customer has gained access via the Site;
6.4.4. not to place, store, process or otherwise use the personal data to which the Customer has gained access through , on other websites in the Internet or using any other material medium; 6.5. Processing of information about the User by the Website Administration shall be performed for the purposes of performance by the Website Administration of its obligations and exercise of its rights under these Conditions, as well as agreements concluded between the User (in case if the User acts also as a Customer) and the Website Administration, including — identification and personalisation of the services and services provided by the Site; — User authentication on the Site; — sending notices, requests and information regarding the use of the Site’s services, contacting the Administration in any other way — processing of enquiries and requests from Users; — improvement of quality of the Site’s services and services, convenience of their use, development of new Site’s services; — targeting of advertising materials; — sending any information messages, including advertising; — conducting statistical and other studies, surveys.
6.6 By registering on the site or subsequently providing any data, including personal data, in accordance with the Law «On Personal Data» , the User expresses (provides) their consent to the Administration of the Site to the following actions with all the personal data provided: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating or changing), extraction, use, distribution, provision, access, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data, as well as other actions related to their processing. The time of posting of personal data is not limited and is determined independently by the personal data subject.
6.7 The User, by providing personal data at registration on the Site or thereafter on the Site, in accordance with the Law «On Personal Data» , expresses to the Site Administration its consent to the Site Administration providing to any third party the commission for processing of the User’s personal data, specified/provided by the User during its registration on the Site or thereafter on the Site, based on the relevant Agreement signed with such person.

7. Use of browser plug-ins and software applications to operate the Site

7.1 The Customer may use browser plug-ins and software applications to operate the Website if the following conditions are met in aggregate:
7.1.1 The operation and / or use of such plug-in / software application does not violate these Terms of Use, the Terms of Service (see below), the legislation of the Latvia on personal data, the intellectual rights of the Website Administration, any requirements of the legislation of the Latvia and the rights of third parties;

8. Use of material on this site. Intellectual property rights

8.1 The results of intellectual activity (including but not limited to: databases, text materials, articles, patent solutions, commercial designations, trademarks, other materials), posted on the Website, together and separately, constitute the content of the Website.
8.2. The Website Administration is the owner of the Website content (unless otherwise stated on the relevant page with the content or unless another person or persons is the owner of any content posted on the Website).
8.3. The Administration owns intellectual property rights to the logo and name of the Website, as well as design and stylistic elements of the Website.
8.4. Unless otherwise expressly provided in these Terms and the applicable laws of the Turkey, the content may not be used in part or in full without the prior consent of the copyright holder.
8.5 The reprinting and other use of Site materials, as well as logos, design elements, appearance and structure of the Site is possible with obligatory reference to the Site and indication of author’s name, if it is known.
8.6 At any use (full or partial) of text materials of the Site, including articles, on other sites on the «Internet» or other forms of use in electronic form, the indication of name of author in material, if known, and as the source of borrowing reference to «http://publishersciencepress.com» in the form of active hyperlink to the appropriate page of placement of text material on the Site indexed by search engines. The source reference «http://publishersciencepress.com» in the form of a hyperlink must be placed at the beginning of the text material being reproduced. The font size of the source link must not be smaller than the font size of the text in which the text material is used.
8.7 No reworking of the original text is permitted when text material on the Website is used. Material may be shortened only if this does not distort its meaning.
8.8 Nothing in these Terms shall be construed as a transfer of exclusive rights to the content of the Site.
8.9 In the case of any damage to individuals in connection with the Client’s failure to comply with the requirements of the Law «On Personal Data» on personal data in relation to their personal data, the liability for such damage lies squarely with the Client.
8.10. By using information from the Website, the User (as well as the Customer) is aware of and accepts the risks associated with the possible inaccuracy of the information posted on the Website, as well as the fact that some information may appear threatening, offensive, defamatory, knowingly false, rude, obscene. If this happens, User (and Customer) must immediately stop using Site and inform Administration of such information.

9. Cookies

9.1. The Website software may transfer to the User’s software Cookies or data included in Cookies, as well as the User’s software may transfer to the Website Cookies or data included in Cookies.
9.2 The Administration of the Website shall be entitled to use cookies in any way for the purposes of identification of the User, as well as for any other purposes, including for the provision of personalized services and services of the Website, targeting of advertising, research and other purposes.
9.3 The content, structure and any other characteristics of Cookies shall be determined by the Administration of the Website at its sole discretion.

10. Other conditions

10.1 These Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time at the discretion of PUBLISHER »SCIENCE PRESS», LTD. In such a case, the changes and additions shall come into force as soon as they are published on the Website — http://publishersciencepress.com.
10.2 The laws of the Turkey shall apply to these Terms and Conditions.

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