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Order of work to promote the circulation of the book

Are you wondering «how to publish your book and sell a print run»? The fact is that publishing a book is always an individual process. Email us at sales@publishersciencepress.com or call us at +905074836283 to tell us about your book, what audience it is intended for, the tasks you set yourself, going to publish it.

We’ll discuss with you the publishing process, answer your questions and find a mechanism for further interaction that suits your goals.


It is important to remember:

When deciding on a print run, keep in mind that the smaller the print run, the higher the cost of a single copy.

When the ISBN is assigned, 20 copies go to the compulsory mailing and to the archive.

Offset printing starts at 500 copies. Up to this amount, either digital printing or risography is used. This is essential when publishing children’s books, as in this case the book will be sent for examination to the Assay Office for a hygienic certificate, and may not pass the test for brightness of the print and font thickness, and therefore will not be accepted by the stores.

If you plan to further promote the book on the market, you should consider that the commercial circulation, in which you can reimburse the costs and a small profit begins with 3000 copies. Smaller print runs should be perceived as image, evaluation.


Find out how much it costs to publish your book and sell the circulation by writing to us by e-mail sales@publishersciencepress.com  or by calling us at +905074836283



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