The layout of a school photo album
Layout of the third category of complexity. More than two illustrations. formulas, boxes, complex wraparounds, illustrations, building infographics, etc.
Layout of materials for the book Historical Almanac
Layout of the second category of complexity. Material containing no more than three objects per page, including tables, images, formulas.


When preparing your publication for printing, we perform the following types of work:

1 Typing, proofreading and editing of text;
2 Layout;
3 Creating and processing illustrations. Retouching, colour correction, clipping;
4 Designing individual elements of the book — covers, flyleaves, headers, etc.


Editing of texts:

If you need a text that is perfect from every angle: literate, coherent, logical, structured, beautiful, finally — order editing.

We carry out literary editing of manuscripts consisting of fiction text and scientific apparatus (article + notes to the fiction text). As a rule, everything is published for the first time, so the editor will monitor the stylistic purity of all the material, the completeness of the scientific apparatus, in particular the depth of the commentary, in accordance with the rules of scientific apparatus. Support of the manuscript up to the signing of the original layout of the book in print, which implies joint work with the author’s team, proofreader and typesetter (the editor marks the manuscript for him), selection of illustrations (together with the preparers of the book).

Proofreading of texts:

Proofreading is a stage in the production process of printed materials in which various errors and imperfections made during editing and typesetting are corrected. Proofreading is an important publishing process designed to eliminate errors, typos, misspellings and other imperfections that impair the perception of the text in the finished, published edition.

The main tasks of a proofreader:

f_95355 Eliminate typesetting errors that distort the original (omissions, transposition of letters, syllables, punctuation, etc.)
f_95355 eliminating errors not seen in the original.


You can read more about proofreading and editing texts on  http://publishersciencepress.com/services/proofreading-and-editing-of-texts/


Book layout:

The editor is not always able to determine exactly what the book will look like. The editor’s job is to think about the overall look of the publication and determine all the necessary elements. After that, the book is handed over to the typesetter. The typesetter receives the text files and folders with photos, he looks through the materials received and imagines the result of his work in advance. More often than not, he will design the layout himself, and in doing so he must take into account all of the customer’s wishes. Of course, he will apply his knowledge and experience and be guided by the general rules of book layout.

The typesetter not only works with the text but also (as a layout designer) places illustrations on the pages. In doing so he is obliged to follow several rules. First of all, he must remember that the illustrations must facilitate the perception of the book as a whole. The planner must have a certain artistic taste and avoid stylistic discord. Of course, he must also remember that the logical completion of the book is not possible without following all the layout rules. If in order to simplify the process of layout one has to «adjust the layout to the convenience» of the layout designer, then in the finished book such deviations from the rules are not allowed.

Actually typesetting is placement of materials (text and images) on pages of a certain format. All the layout requirements can be divided into compositional, hygienic and stylistic.


Design work:

There are many factors to consider when working on a print product design — the type of product, the printing and the post-printing work required.

You can come to us either with ready-made design solutions or order design of printed products from us. Our designers will select fonts which are best suited to a particular printed matter, propose colour solutions, variants of successful arrangement of illustrations, photos and text blocks, and prepare layouts for printing in accordance with all rules and requirements.

You can read more about the layout and design work carried out at Publishing at   http://publishersciencepress.com/services/design-and-layout


Find out how much it costs to publish your book by emailing us sales@publishersciencepress.com  or calling us at +905074836283

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