Coin Album "US commemorative coin series"
The album is intended for coin collecting. Format: 200*240 (mm). Binding: screw fastening.
Finishing: metallized foil stamping, corners.
Apartment complex catalogue
Staple binding. Full colour printing on photographic paper.

Other binding

Modern types of binding provide consistently high quality binding and, unlike classical binding, are usually completed in a matter of minutes. Binding work can include the joining of paper sheets into a block as well as the addition of a cover.

переплет пружина

For presentation materials and works for frequent practical use, spring binds are very convenient.

Also the most commonly used binding method for office documents: the sheets of the paper block are perforated on one of the edges. Plastic or metal springs are used as a connector and sheets of cardboard or transparent plastic are usually used for the cover. This type of binding allows paper blocks from 2 to 500 sheets to be bound together.

The main features of this type of binding are:
Excellent opening; Possibility to remove individual sheets from the block without damaging the product’s structure.

Additional features:
Designer paper can be used on the cover if desired; Various papers can be used on the block; Cover and backing can be made using 7bz cover technology.

Bolt-on binding:

The original solution for portfolios, reports and presentations is bolt binding.

Binding of paper sheets is made into cardboard or leather covers and fastened with 2-3 special demountable bolt joints. Generally used for small number of representative production — albums, gift editions, catalogues. It is also convenient for menus and price lists — this kind of binding lets you replace sheets in filing without much difficulty.

The bolts are available in both metal and plastic.


Staple brochure:


Staple binding is an excellent solution for brochures with a small number of bands that do not require complex processes.

The cover of this binding is usually made of 160 — 250g paper. It is then bound using 1, 2 or 3 metal staples to the product block.

We recommend this type of binding for publications with up to 80 pages.

It is also worth noting that for this type of binding, technologically the number of pages in a block should be a multiple of four.


For the cost of printing books in paperback and hardcover, see page   http://publishersciencepress.com/prices/the-cost-of-printing-books-in-soft-and-hardcover/  For the cost of printing books in other bindings, please ask.

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