A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Seventh Edition and The Standard for Project Management (ENGLISH) Seventh edition.
Book Options: 377 pages of text, 6 Sections, 85 Chapters, 43 Videos, over 100 illustrations.


E-book production:

The customer provides the source materials for the book, our experts at Publisher Science Press carry out an analysis of the source format and determine the degree of difficulty of the conversion.

After receiving all the necessary materials from the publisher, we perform the conversion from the original format into one or more popular e-book formats:  ePub, Fb2, Mobi.



We produce e-books in the following formats:

  • — Electronic Publication (ePub) – for the products Apple, readers Nook and iRiver;
  • — FictionBook (Fb2) — is read by all readers and many programmes;
  • — Mobipocket (Mobi) – for readers Kindle and other mobile devices;
  • — EXE — for reading on personal computers, laptops, tablets.  Such an e-book can be password-protected, forbidden to copy.  Insert into the book, pictures, photos, videos, presentations, links to other websites and products.


Requirements for raw materials:

f_95355 You must be the copyright holder of the electronic publication of the book.
f_95355 We accept source materials in any suitable format: PDF, InDesign, Quark, MS Word.
f_95355 Before the e-book can be produced, the text must be edited and proofread.
f_95355 We will also need accompanying information, output meta-data such as title, author(s) information, abstract, ISBN, etc.


To ensure that the book meets the standards accepted by the world market, we ask that data be transmitted to us in as good a quality as possible:

Source content

  • 1. The original content should be transferred on any suitable medium: disc, flash drive, etc;
  • 2. Source content is provided in one of the following electronic formats: PDF, InDesign, Quark, MS Word;
  • 3. Cover and illustrations — resolution: 72dpi, minimum width 600px, preferably in lossless format (.tif, .psd, .eps), otherwise JPEG (photographs);
  • 4. Fonts. If special fonts are used, the client provides them to the publisher. The client must have the rights to use these fonts in electronic publications.
  • 5. Text. Before the e-book can be produced, the text must be edited and proofread.

Meta data

The customer shall provide the following information:

  • — Title;
  • — Author(s) — can be one or more;
  • — Copyrights (if needed: translation, illustrations);
  • — Annotation;
  • — Publisher;
  • — Date of publication;
  • — ISBN — separate for the e-book;
  • — Language — also used to connect the correct dictionaries in some readers.


Find out how much it costs to publish your book by emailing us sales@publishersciencepress.com  or calling us at +905074836283

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