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Publisher Science Press provides a full range of services for publishing printed products for customers from Turkey and Europe. We work with individuals and legal entities. The use of modern technologies and equipment allows us to offer the best price for printing books and short production times with consistently high product quality.

The range of products offered by us is very large. Among the most popular and popular: the publication of a softcover book, the printing of a hardcover book, brochures on a bracket.








We provide a full range of services related to the publication of the book:
1) proofreading, editing, layout, creating an electronic layout of a book for printing;
2) development of an individual design of the book cover (the author formulates the concept of the cover and coordinates the ready-made layouts);
3) assignment of an individual ISBN number to the monograph;
4) distribution of mandatory copies of the book to key libraries (a prerequisite for assigning an ISBN number);
5) assignment of the UDC, BBK and the author’s mark;
6) publication of the required number of books in any format, hardcover or softcover edition;
7) sending books to the customer delivery express-DHL or by a transport company;

The order of operation is specified on the page http://publishersciencepress.com/operating-procedure/

Prices for publishing services:

f_95355 1. The cost of printing books in soft and hardcover, see more on the page Prices for printing books
f_95355 2. The cost of the design and layout of books can be found in more detail on the page Prices for the design and layout of books
f_95355 3. The cost of proofreading and editing the text can be found in more detail on the page Prices for editing and proofreading the text
f_95355 4. The cost of the publishing package is indicated on the page Publishing package

Samples of published books can be found in the Portfolio section (blog with product examples on the left on the website). 

To the author of the book

Our publishing house offers you a full range of services for proofreading and editorial work, layout, cover and block design, scanning and retouching photos, typing texts from manuscripts, printing and assigning an international ISBN number.

We are pleased to offer you the production of books in soft and hardcover, in small editions and in editions of more than 500 copies.

To give your book the status of «publication», we offer you the service «Publishing package». It includes the assignment of the UDC, the BBK, the author’s mark and the ISBN-the international serial number of the book. We also send out mandatory 16 copies of the book to the central libraries of the country.

You have the opportunity to print a book in a small print run, and then print it with us as needed at a very favorable price.

At the request of the client, we deliver the finished edition, as well as the delivery of documents (Learn more in in the Delivery section).
If you do not live in Turkey, we will send the finished edition to your address anywhere in the world.

To calculate the cost of the book’s circulation, fill out the application http://publishersciencepress.com/calc/   and send it to the post office sales@publishersciencepress.com

Educational institutions and their employees

We are ready to print any methodological manuals, educational literature, periodicals and other working materials in convenient editions and in the shortest possible time!

For postgraduates and doctoral students

We offer you urgent printing of monographs, collections of reports and abstracts. Prompt and high-quality layout and preparation of layouts for printing. Printing of full-color abstracts and monographs. Assigning an ISBN. Sending out mandatory copies.

Find out how much it costs to publish your book by writing to us by email sales@publishersciencepress.com or by calling +905074836283

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