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We provide a full range of services related to the publication of the book:
1) proofreading, editing, layout, creating an electronic layout of the book for printing;
2) development of the individual design of the book cover (the author formulates the concept of the cover and coordinates the ready layouts);
3) assignment of an individual ISBN number to the monograph;
4) distribution of obligatory copies of the book to the key libraries (obligatory condition for assigning ISBN number)
5) assignment of UDC, BBC and author’s mark;
6) Publication of the required number of books of any format, circulation in hard or softcover;
7) sending books to the customer in Europe and Asia by delivery express-DHL or other shipping company.

Milestones see http://publishersciencepress.com/operating-procedure/ for an order of business.

Prices for publishing services:


0-1 The cost of printing books in soft and hardcover, see more on the page Prices for printing books
0-2 The cost of design and layout of books and other printed publications can be found in more detail on the page Prices for design and layout
0-3 The cost of proofreading and editing the text can be found in more detail on the page Prices for editing and proofreading the text
0-4 The cost of the publishing package is indicated on the page Publishing package

Find out how much it costs to publish your book by emailing us at sales@publishersciencepress.com or calling us at +905074836283 



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