Hardcover is produced for publications for which a long service life and intensive use is expected,
irrespective of how the books are printed.

Hardback books (also called 7B, 7BC).
Hard cover is another common type of binding.
Its main differences are durability and aesthetic qualities.

A hardcover book consists of two main components:







1 The cover is the cover of a publication, which is a decorative element of the publication and also contains basic information about the author, the title of the book, the year of publication and other imprint information.
2 A book block is the inner part of a book. The main element, consisting of a set of sheets that are arranged in a specific sequence and bound together in one of two ways (gluing to the book cover or stitching and then gluing to the cover).

Binding of the book block:

f_95355 Sewing a block with threads.
In this method of stapling, the printed sheets are folded, assembled into notebooks which are then stitched together. In our print shop we use modern Italian thread sewing machines.
f_95355 Book block gluing (Integral binding).
This type of binding is used to reduce the final cost of the product.

For the cost of printing hardback books, see page  http://publishersciencepress.com/prices/the-cost-of-printing-books-in-soft-and-hardcover/

Please refer to the procedure on the page   http://publishersciencepress.com/operating-procedure/

Cover — binder cover:

The cover is made of cardboard, which is cut to the right size.
The cover is then covered with the material (printed and laminated paper as well as binding material can be used).

After the cover is made and the book block is bound, the hardcover assembly procedure follows.

Book covers that have been pre-glued to the book block are used to connect the block to the cover.

After gluing and trimming the spine is glued to the top and bottom of the spine to serve as a decorative decoration.


7BC is a hardback book, the cover of which is printed paper and then laminated.

7B — hardcover book. The cover of this type of hardcover uses material (various leatherette, fabric materials, etc.) The book title, author and other elements are embossed or silkscreened.

A liner is a piece of paper on which the cover is printed, then laminated and glued to the binding board of the cover.

The flyleaf is heavyweight paper, offset as standard, which may be printed or unprinted. Also any design paper of suitable weight and quality can be used as a flyleaf.

The binding is an element of the binding that attaches to the top and bottom of the book’s spine.
The standard version is in white.

The captails can also be available in a variety of colours. We only use captails from European manufacturers in our production.

Liasse is a cloth ribbon that serves as a bookmark in a book. It can be picked up in any colour.

Embossing is a decorative finishing of the cover in a binding using foil of various colours. Embossing without foil is also possible — blind embossing. Embossing can be done on the front side of the cover, the spine and the back. Combinations of different colours are possible.

Selective UV lacquering is a variant of the 7BC cover, in which certain elements are highlighted. After printing, the liner is laminated with a matt film and then a glossy varnish is selectively applied according to a special template. In this way, a highlighted image or lettering effect is achieved.

Silkscreening is an inking technology used to apply one or more colours to various materials (leatherette, design paper, etc.). It is used as an alternative to embossing in the production of 7B bindings.

Foam binding board — used in the manufacture of book covers, to give the book cover a «softer» feel.

Bolted binding — also the hard cover can be bolted to the inner block, you can find out more about this technology in the section Other types of binding.

Time frame for hardback books:

Depending on the print run, the paperback is produced in 5 to 30 days.

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